IMB Acronyms

Acronym Meaning
ACL Associate Cluster Leader
ADT Affinity Directors Team
AGL Affinity Group Leader
AMS Associational Mission Strategist
AOD Affinity Operations Director
AR Affinity Researcher
ARM Archives and Records Management
ASA Affinity Stateside Associate
ASR  Annual Statistical Report
AT Affinity Trainer
AVP Associate Vice President
BFM Baptist Faith and Message
BP Baptist Press
CAT Crisis Action Team
CERC Children’s Education and Resource Center
CL Cluster Leader
CLS Culture and Language Specialist
CP Cooperative Program
CMT Core Missionary Task
DFO Direct Funded Option (Mid-Term category)
ERMS Electronic Records Management System (Records 365)
FD Finance Director
FHR Field Human Resources
FLS Field Logistics Services
GAC Globalization Advisory Council
GCC Great Commission Christians
GE Global Engagement
GHSN Global Health Strategies Network
GIC Global Impact Celebration
GMP Global Missionary Partner
GRD Global Research Department
HR Human Resources
HRD Human Resources Director
HRLT Human Resources Leadership Team
ILC International Learning Center
IMB International Mission Board
IMF International Missions Fellowship
ISC International Service Corps (Mid-Term category)
IWC International World Changers
JMAN Journeyman (Mid-Term category)
LD Logistics Director
LFTT Logistics, Finance, Technology and Travel
LLC Limited Liability Company
LSC Logistics Services Consultant
LT Long Term (category of service)
MAG Missionary Assigned Globally (2 years or more)
MARCOM Marketing and Communications
MFP Manual for Field Personnel
MIR Missionary-in-Residence
MIS Missionary in the States (less than 2 years)
MIT Media and Innovation Team
MOBI Mobilization
MPF Missionary Parent Fellowship
MT Mid-Term (category of service)
NAMB North American Mission Board
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
RMC Risk Management Consultant
SHR Staff Human Resources
ST Short Term (category of service)
STAS Stateside Assignment
TCK Third Culture Kid
TA Team Associate
TL Team Leader
TS Technology Solutions
TS Team Supporter
UPG Unreached People Group
UUPG Unreached Unengaged People Group
VS Venture Solutions
Acronym Affinity Groups
AMP American Peoples
APAC Asian Pacific Rim Peoples
ASAP South Asian Peoples
CAP Central Asian Peoples
DEAF Deaf Peoples
EURO European Peoples
NAME Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
SSAP Sub-Saharan African Peoples
Revised 1/15/2022